Sunday 5 April 2009

The first and only dive guide to the Antarctic

Formerly an exclusive realm for scientific and military divers, this icy wilderness has now become the extreme destination for recreational divers wishing to explore beyond the conventional.

BELOW FREEZING is the first and only dive guide to the Antarctic. It is written by Lisa Eareckson Trotter who was the first person to learn to dive in the Antarctic and a long time member of the crew aboard Lindblad Explorers's ENDEAVOUR.

Published by WILDGuides, a non-profit organistaion focused on wildlife conservation, the book describes the pleasures of diving in Antarctica's waters, whilst at the same time detailing the hazards of this bitter harsh enviroment.

The 116 page soft cover book opens with a brief history of Antarctic diving dating back to 1902 and then provides a short overview of the the world's fifth largest continent. Subsequent sections cover 'how to get there', the diving, what marine life and underwater conditions to expect as well as a special note regarding Leopard Seals which is the only animal divers need to be wary about. The final chapter deals with the description of 25 dive sites.

The book is an excellent reference outlying what visitors need to know, how to prepare as well as what they can expect to see when they get there.

It is available for under Euro 28.