Thursday 22 January 2009

BSAC Hellas

London, 19th December 2008: On 6th December 2008 the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and Britannic S.A. signed a five-year agreement at the annual BSAC Diving Officer’s Conference in London, whereby Britannic S.A. will act for and on behalf of BSAC International in Greece for a period of five years.

Signing on behalf of BSAC, Clare Peddie (BSAC Chair) and Deric Ellerby (BSAC International Executive Director), have undertaken to provide diving instructors designated by Britannic S.A. with the necessary training of BSAC methods and techniques to establish BSAC diver and instructor training systems in Greece. BSAC is already the largest diving club in the world and is currently the governing body for underwater activities in the United Kingdom. The organisation has already established diving programmes that are tailored both to the safe enjoyment of diving in the UK and throughout the world.

BSAC operates its overseas licensing through BSAC International, and for the duration of the licence BSAC International will authorise Britannic S.A. to carry out any and all BSAC dive training and certification in Greece, either directly by Britannic S.A. or through sub-licensed dive centres. All of the activities will be working under the jurisdiction of BSAC Greece, a division of Britannic S.A. BSAC International will also provide their services exclusively to Britannic S.A., subject to the terms of the Agreement, to include training in BSAC instruction and operation methods for Britannic S.A.

The recreational diving market in Greece comprises both Greek resident nationals and inbound tourists. The inbound tourists may take the opportunity to start diver training whilst in Greece or may already have commenced diver training elsewhere, but in all cases BSAC training and certification in Greece will be subject to the terms of the licence.