Friday 1 August 2008

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits can be purchased ready made or can be made up to your own personal specification. The components are a matter of personal choice but the kit should contain sufficient items for the size of the party and appropriate to the activity undertaken.

In addition to carrying a first aid kit, service providers are also required to provide 100% Oxygen with a flowrate of 15 litres per minute for a minimum of 20 minutes, as well as a stretcher when shore or boat diving.

Here’s a list of contents of my first aid kit which is by no means exhaustive but gives you an idea of the sort of things you may wish to include in your kit. The kit is always prominently displayed and freely available for use by qualified persons at the dive site.

Enclosing a list of contents in your first aid kit enables you to replenish any expired or used items.

First aid contents

Checked on: ___ ___ ____

Use personal barriers and note any items depleted to enable restocking

• Ammonia (After Bite-for stings)
• Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules
• Bandages (Normal & Triangular)
• Betadine (Disinfectant for wounds)
• Blanket
• Cold Compress (Sprains)
• Cotton-Tipped Applicators
• Cotton Wool
• Emergency Contact Numbers
• Emergency Reference Notes - Post It Notes / Pencil
• Eye Bath
• Eye Wash Saline Solution
• Gauze Swabs
Gloves (Nitrile)
• Hansaplast Tape
• Inflatable Arm & Leg Splint (Adult)
Pocket Mask
• SAM Splint
• Scissors: Paramedic & Hemostat (Curved)
• Stethoscope
• Sterile Saline Spray (Cleaning wounds)
• Stretcher (Portable)
• Torch
• Transparent Tape
• Tylenol Tablets
• Thermometer
• Uni Heat

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